True Unicorn Root / Aletris Farinosa

Other names:
Colicroot, Colicweed, Crow Corn, Unicorn Root, Blazing Star, Mealy Starwort, Starwort Unicorn Root, Unicornplant, Unicorn's-Horn, Devil's-Bit, Ague Grass, Ague Root, Aloeroot, Huskwort
When True Unicorn Root (Aletris farinosa) is dried it becomes a valuable bitter tonic and as a tincture or decoction can been used against flatulence, colic, hysteria. Can be used to treat dyspepsia and where there is an lack of urinary phosphates.

Its most valuable property is as a tonic on the female generative organs, proving of great use in cases of habitual miscarriage and as a general tonic.

Cultivation notes

Aletris occurs in dry, generally sandy soil, from Maine to Minnesota, Florida, and Tennessee

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