Stone Root / Collinsonia Canadensis

Other names:
Canada Horsebalm, Richweed, Hardhack, Horseweed, Ox-Balm
Collinsonia canadensis (Stone Root) has a positve effect on the nervous system and mucous membranes, removing congestion and improving circulation of the capillaries.
This influence is most marked in relaxed conditions of the mucous membranes of the throat and lower bowels. A valuable remedy in sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis, with relaxed and enfeebled capillary circulation.
May be combined with other herbs in atonic dyspepsia, catarrhal gastritis with defective circulation and irritable condition of the heart from weakness.
A good remedy for hemorrhoids in small doses.

Cultivation notes

Natural Order, Labiatae. Genus COLLINSONIA: Strong scented herbs; with large, ovate and petiolate leaves; and yellow flowers in a terminal and leafless panicled raceme. Calyx ten-striate, upper lip truncate and three-toothed, lower lip two-cleft; corolla exserted, ringent; stamens two, long exserted. C. CANADENSIS: Indigenous plants, growing in rich and moist woods and fields. Stem four-sided, three to four feet high, often very smooth, but sometimes slightly pubescent. Leaves few, thin, three to four inches .long, two to three inches broad, acuminate, coarsely serrate, abrupt or subcordate at base. Flowers in large, loose, compound racemes; corolla half an inch or more in length, yellow tinged with green, the lower lip elongated and fringed, exhaling a lemon odor. July to September.

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